I have two networks at site. One for the camera network, and the other network dedicated for storage. I have the camera and storage networks configured on both my NVR and hotspare server.

During failover, the videowall and Client PCs are given the hotspare server's storage NIC address to connect and stream video. The problem is that the Client and videowall PCs are not connected to the storage network, and fails to connect and stream the video.


This is a limitation in previous versions of software.
The hotspare will try to match the NVR network interfaces during failover. If the network interface cards differ between the hotspare and NVR, then hotspare selects the first available network during failover.

This has been addressed in 2017.3/2018.3 and later.

You can now configure the correct network interface in the failover setup for the hotspare during failover. This will ensure that the client and videowall PCs are given the correct network address.

The network adapter can be selected/configured in the failover setup.
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