In CathexisVision, the administrator level is the highest level and has default access to all facets of the software. Besides the administrator, CathexisVision has up to 30 user levels. The administrator will assign users to one of these user levels. User level capabilities are not automatically configured by the software; CathexisVision allows administrators to customise the capabilities of each user level depending on the specific requirements of the site in question. Each user level can be configured for a variety of different abilities and access rights within the software. Some of these include:

Live viewing
IO access
Listen to audio
Hide privacy zones
Reset Camera Tampers
Videowall Control/Access
Export Video
Define the video export profile (Define Watermark, password protection, re-export ability, etc)
PTZ Control
Access PTZ Menu (Analogue PTZ cameras)
Set PTZ Presets
Control PTZ tours
LPR Control (Add and delete license plates, edit license plate groups, Edit license plates)
Access Camera Layouts
Access camera Sequence
Access Layout Salvos


Although all levels are completely customisable, CathexisVision does assume an ascending hierarchy for user levels (i.e., an administrator is higher in site authority than level 30, and level 30 is higher than level 1). This is important in instances like PTZ-control, where CathexisVision will prioritise the higher user level if two or more users attempt to control the camera.
Only administrators may access the site, server and camera configuration setup.
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