How to change Tamper Alarm settings

Scenario: I am obstructing the camera and I am not immediately getting an alert on the main screen.


The tamper time period is fixed and set at a realistic time period to eliminate false alarms.
Tamper detection takes around 90 to 95 seconds to trigger a tamper alarm.
Pre-event recording times should be greater than 95 seconds in order to capture the
actual tampering moment.

Other 3rd party provider tamper time periods:

Axis allows the user to set a minimum tamper period of 10 seconds. In my opinion, 10 seconds is to short, leading to an excessive number of false positives.

From axis:

"tamper time period. This prevents false alarms from innocuous sources by allowing a time window (set in seconds or minutes, with a minimum of 10 seconds and maximum of 60 minutes) for which a mask or other violation needs to exist before it is flagged as a sabotage attempt."

From Bosch:

"Trigger delay [s] Set delayed alarm triggering here. The alarm is only triggered after a set time interval in seconds has elapsed and then only if the triggering condition still exists. If the original condition has been restored before this time interval elapses, the alarm is not triggered. This avoids false alarms triggered by short-term changes, for example, cleaning activities in the direct field of vision of the camera."
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