Will I be able to migrate CathexisVision software to the next major release?

Yes, the software can be migrated if you have IP camera licenses that are valid for the required major release. Depending on the date of purchase, CathexisVision 2018 for example could provide you with 2019 IP camera licenses.

If the IP camera licenses are older than the next available major release, then you can purchase version migration licenses for the required camera licenses.

E.g.: CathexisVision 2018 camera licenses can be upgraded to 2018.1, 2018.2, and 2018.3, but you cannot migrate to CathexisVision 2019 without adding the required camera version migration licenses (CCVM-1001).

Please contact the support department before upgrading any site should you be unsure if you have the correct license available on your server. ( )
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