Useful commandline parameters for gui_res

Parameters Description
server XXX run as the UDP with this number (deprecated in favour of user1/2/3 in 5041e

gw_login USER PWD auto login to gateway

advanced_perf Enables the Advanced performance analytics tool

user1/2/3 use alternate UDP address for running multiple instances of gui_res

forms XXX force the number of forms

use_gw251 synonym for fwd

fwd IP forward all connections via this IP

fwd2 IP1 IP2 forward all connections via IP1 then IP2

small_font use small fonts in the gateway

no_previews disable the use of gateway previews

max_panel_size SIZE set the max monitor panel size to SIZE x SIZE

no_gl disable OpenGL support

stats enable html stats view from inside User Resource setup (right click on unit)

invisible_gw_access turns off alarms etc. so that reports can be easily accessed

dont_add_local_site disables the auto-addition of the local site into the SQL site list

log_sql_queries LOG logs sql queries to the log type with name LOG. 'NORM' or 'INFO' would usually
make sense.

show_filesystem allow filesystem to be visible. eg. when saving/loading license rqst/packs

license_server XXX IP address of license server

gw IP_ADDR Connect base station gateway SQL with IP address

compress_sql Compress SQL queries, very useful over slow links - must be placed before 'gw X.X.X.X'!

use_gw_ip Forces the connection to the gateway to use the 'gw IP' address and not the one stored in the SQL tables

sql_sitelist IP_ADDR Use specified SQL site list

file_sitelist Use the local file site list even when connected to a gateway

live_stats Allow live stats (timings) to be shown using middle-click on camera

max_reviews x Represents the number of cameras you wish to set as the maximum review amount.

The default number of simultaneously reviewable camera in CathexisVision is 8. For the most part this is sufficient. But if you need to increase this limit you may do so by change the number as with this parameter.
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