Has anything been looked into to improve the disk burning process in Ubuntu please?

The default application (Brasero) is full of bugs and won’t allow multi-session writing, despite that option being enabled.

We have to try and find a way to retain the functionality users have become familiar with and we are some way off that with Ubuntu at this stage, both 12.04 and 14.04 seem to have the same issue.

Take a look at the Ubuntu app ‘K3b’ (apt-get install k3b).

It is a media writing app which has more capabilities than the default Brasero app.

We've allowed the configuration of the app used and the command line passed to that app. If you edit the file:


You'll find find a line containing:

burn_cmd_line "brasero -d $PATH"

The command: brasero -d $PATH gets run when the user is prompted to burn and the token $PATH is replaced in software by the path of the archive data to burn. All you need to do is fill in the command line appropriate for the authoring app you've chosen and use the token $PATH where your app takes the path to burn on the command line.
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