How will I know what analytics package I need?

CathexisVision offers three analytics suites: Analytics I, Analytics II or Analytics III. These are detailed below. Each suite comes with its own benefits, and best-use should be determined by examining the features alongside the client’s analytics requirements. For more information, consult the CathexisVision Analytics Matrix, the CathexisVision Analytics brochure, and the CathexisVision Setup Manual.

Note: Analytics are applied and licensed per camera and can be copy/pasted from one camera to another.

Analytics I

Basic Analytics

Simple presence in area.
Simple line crossing trigger.
Simple line counting trigger.
Dynamic background model.

Smart VMD

Eliminate Flares.
Track lighting changes (shadows)-only Core & Lite.

Analytics II (Includes Analytics I)

Intermediate Analytics

Line crossing segmented line.
Line crossing double line.
Enter/Exit area.
Time in area (loitering).
Stop in area.
Top down head tracker.

Analytics II (Includes Analytics I)

Intermediate Analytics

3D top down head tracker.
3D Oblique head tracker.
Filter & Tracker objects speed.
Filter & tracker objects width – height.
Filter & track objects direction.
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